Honesty vs. Integrity

For an assignment in my editorial illustration class, we were instructed to create an image that prompted the question of “honesty vs integrity”, what to and not to say and why?

I chose to work more on my gauche techniques because of an other illustrator who inspired my after our interview, Anita Kunz. A well-known illustrator who works generally in gauche.

My idea for this piece was based on the game Cats Cradle that I used to play as a child. This game was played by having two people wrap strings around their fingers, designing shapes and patterns; however, one person is inevitably controlling the outcome of the other person’s string pattern. Although a simple game, I suppose what I am conveying is if what we say is controlled by others or if we are the ones making decisions on to whether we are honest or do we bite our tongue because of our moral and ethical principles…

Above is an image of my final piece and  Anita Kunz’s illustration “Girls will be Girls”.


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